Come and see


Come and See or Idi i Smotri (1985), directed by Elem Klimov in the Soviet Union.

I’d go as far as to say this is the best war film ever made; it’s accurate, interesting, and horrifying. Hollywood can’t make films like this… Article on the portrayal of the Second World War in cinema coming up!

Title: I Touch Myself Artist: The Divinyls 20,791 plays

i touch myself // the divinyls

i close my eyes and see you before me
think i would die if you were to ignore me
a fool could see just how much i adore you
i get down on my knees, i’d do anything for you

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"I don’t want to create films as a catharsis. I want to create films through which children can see and experience something new. I want to make that one unforgettable film in everyone’s childhood, something they can enjoy for at least 30 years." — Hayao Miyazaki

"Simplicity! Greater and greater simplicity—that will be the keynote of the new films. Our whole effort must be bent toward ridding motion pictures of all that does not belong to them, of all that is unnecessary and trivial and drawn from other sources—all the tricks, gags, ‘business’ not of the cinema, but of the stage and the written book. That is what has been accomplished when certain films reached the level of great art. That is what I tried to do in The Last Laugh. We must try for more and more simplicity and devotion to pure motion picture technique and material.”

F.W. Murnau
December 28, 1888 — March 11, 1931

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Super 8 short film by a 14-year old Lars von Trier, beautifully titled "Why escape from it you know you can not escape from? Why flee from the picture that needed your retina. Because you are a coward". YouTube.

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